World Mathematics Day

St. Teresa's Institute of Education had an amazing and joyful afternoon on the occasion of World Math Day on 24th October, 2020. The program was held on Google Meet at 2 PM. The World Math Day is celebrated on 15th October.

The program was initiated by Ms. Pritika Mhatre with a beautiful introduction of the day which was followed by a peaceful prayer service by Ms. Premalie Correia and Ms. Pritika Mhatre.

After the prayer Ms. Eshwari Satish and Sr. Litty Joseph showed us an interesting video on Importance of Math in our day to day life.

As we continued, there was a demonstration by Ms. Neha Yadav and Ms. Pritika Mhatre on various tricks that we can use to solve multiplication problems very easily. They made math simple and interesting for all of us.

After this Ma'am Cindrella D'mello hosted a quiz for students and staff which held the interest of all throughout the program. Ma'am also gave us the message that, Math gives us a hope that every problem has a solution.

In between the program we had very interesting Riddles by Ms. Sheron Fernandes, Ms. Rebecca Gonsalves, Ms. Cinera D'mello and Ms. Priyanka Kajar which kept all of us excited.

Ms. Larissa Quadros, Ms. Larissa Dabre, Ms. Swinal Dabre, and Ms. Janet Macwan presented novel facts about Math.

This was followed by an amazing open quiz for all by Ms. Rincy Lopes, Ms. Alisha Gonsalves and Ms. Janice Gonsalves.

After the quiz we had an enthralling competition among internship groups named as 'Kaun Banega Math Pandit'. All were excited for this wonderful game. St. Theresa's Boys High School group won the game.

In the end Principal Sr. Tanuja Waghmare appreciated the program a lot. Our program came to an end with a thanking note by Ms. Renica Patil.

The program was a great success.