Rules & Regulations

Regulation of the Institute


  1. The students are responsible to the Principal for their conduct in public and the Catholic students also for the performance of their religious duties.
  2. Insubordination and unbecoming language or conduct are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a student.
  3. Regular daily attendance and punctuality are insisted upon.
  4. As various schools are cooperating with us by affording opportunities for practical lessons, every effort should be made to give good lessons. Occur, timely intimation should be given to the authorities both of the Institute and the school concerned. No lesson appointed may be omitted without a very serious reason. Should such reason school concerned Students are required to abide by the discipline of the schools in which they practice or observe lessons.
  5. Books or periodicals, foreign to the prescribed course of studies, must not be brought to the premises.
  6. Students should make themselves familiar with the University Ordinances and Regulations concerning them, and with the Regulations and Notices which may be from time to time given to them.
  7. Students joining the Institute are by that very fact, supposed to accept and observe all rules and regulations of the Institute and to undertake to submit to the normal enforcement of the same, to the satisfaction of the Principal, whose decision shall be final.


  1. Students should come to college modestly dressed.
  2. At the sound of the first bell, the students should assemble in the lecture hall.
  3. Silence must be observed during class hours.
  4. Students are not permitted to have visitors during class hours.
  5. The college telephone may be used only with the sanction of the Principal and for urgent needs.
  6. No student should leave the college premises during class hours without obtaining permission from the Principal.
  7. Every student must carry her identity card while in the Institution.
  8. Every effort should be made to keep the premises of the institution clean and orderly, avoid spilling of ink and throwing paper about, scribbling on furniture or walls, and leaning or resting their feet against the walls. A student responsible for damaging any equipment will be required to fore-go her caution money and if the cost of repair is over and above the amount, she will be required to meet it. The same will apply to a student losing or damaging her library book.
  9. Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited while lectures are in progress. The phone will be confiscated without warning.
  10. Students are advised to consult the college notice board and website each morning and evening. Students should be respectful to superiors, visitors and seniors, polite and courteous to all, ready to oblige, and should endeavour to maintain good order and the rules of decorum. They are expected to conduct themselves in such a way as to maintain the credit and reputation of the college as well as their own.
  11. Students have to be grouped using several permutations and combinations for the purpose of various activities. This grouping is carried out after referring to several parameters that have to be bore in the mind for effectiveness of the activity. Students are not expected to make special request demanding a switch in the grouping pattern that has been created. Such an alteration can upset the equilibrium and objectiveness of the grouping exercise.
  12. The college has a Grievance Redressal Cell. Students can make their grievances known to the college authorities in writing. This can be posted in a box placed in the main college lecture hall for the same. The authorities will collect the complaints lodged, once a week. The cases will be collectively addressed by the principal and the concern authorities to arrive at a satisfactory redressal of the complaint. Every case will be addressed immediately and solutions will be arrived at the earliest (depending on the severity of the grievance.)

Attendance and Leave of Absence

  1. Attendance shall be taken at the beginning of each day
  2. A student who is not in class when the attendance is taken shall be marked absent. It shall be permissible to the teacher to mark a student present, who, coming late shall give genuine reason to the teacher.


B.Ed: The timings for B.Ed. On all workings days, are from 9:00 4:00 p.m. Practice teaching will be conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in accordance with the timings of the Practicing schools. Lectures will be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and the detailed time – table for lectures will be announced on the Notice Board every week. In case of any change in practiceteaching days, lectures will be adjusted accordingly. The practice lesson may start earlier than 8:00 a.m. if required by the time-table of the Practicing schools. The B.Ed. students of the institute will want to meet the staff often for guidance in the preparation of the lessons. etc. The staff will be available to students on all working days. They are to be approached ordinarily in the periods when they and the students are free otherwise by special appointment. Lectures may not be dropped for the purpose without previous permission.


  1. The institute shall be closed: On Sundays and all public holidays as declared by the Government.
  2. The office shall ordinarily be open on all working days from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 4:00p.m


A copy of the hand-book, a lesson File, Psychology Journal, and Observation book are supplied to each B.Ed. Student at the commencement of the Course and will have to be paid for. The fees will have to be paid as prescribed by the Bombay University.

  1. The entire fee is charged for the year for which a student’s name has been entered on the Rolls, No account being taken of partial or total failure of attendance.
  2. In case of withdrawal or failure to attend the course, the amount refunded will be regulated by the University rules.

Library Rules

  1. The Library will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on all working days including Saturday. It is meant for the use of the staff and students of this institute only.
  2. Students must show to the Librarian their Identity Cards when they apply for books for the first time.
  3. Applications for books shall be made on Demand-Slips available at the Librarian's counter. This slip, clearly filled in, shall be handed to the Librarian.
  4. Only two books, but not on the same subject, for home-reading are issued to each student at a time. Journals and books marked 'FOR REFERENCE’ can be used only within the Library Premises. Special permission for the Principal is required to take them out. Books prescribed for the course conducted at the Institute are not ordinarily issued for home- reading. All markings, underlining etc. in any book are absolutely forbidden.
  5. Books are issued for days only. If a student wishes to keep a book or books for more than two days, she shall be required to apply for renewal for two days, and to show the books to the Librarian who will or will not renew the issue at her discretion. A student who does return the book issued to her on time shall pay a fine of Rs.5/- for every extra day, beyond the prescribed period.
  6. Books etc. shall ordinarily be returned by the same student to whom they are issued.
  7. On returning the books, students shall satisfy themselves and see that the Return Ticket should be taken by them; otherwise they will be held responsible for the articles entered against their names.
  8. Pictures, maps roll-up B Bs and teaching apparatus are issued not more then one day before the particular lesson for which they are needed. These articles must be returned intact on the same day the lesson is over. This applies also to school text-books.
  9. Those who use the Library shall be asked to make good any damage to books, etc. in their charge and they shall replace any book etc. they have lost.
  10. Eating in the Library is forbidden.
  11. Silence must be strictly observed by all.