College Resources

Principal’s Office

It is adjacent to the Administrative Office. The office provides the Principal with adequate space to manage her own administrative duties, as also to attend to visitors and consult with staff and students. A central CCTV monitor screen has been installed in the Principal’s office.

College Office

The college office is situated adjacent to the Principal’s Office. There is a separate counter for attending to the needs of the students, teaching staff and other visitors. It also has a door which connects directly with the Principal’s office. The office is used for all matters related to maintenance of records, correspondence, printing of question papers, photocopying, scanning and lamination of documents etc.

Lecture Hall

The lecture hall is equipped with acoustic facilities, sound system, over head projector, a T.V. set, a V.C.R., L.C.D. projector, computer, green board and a key board. It is mainly used for assemblies, lectures, seminars and workshops, as audio-visual room, for various competitions and co-curricular activities like Ms. Education contest, indoor games, celebration of festivals etc.

Method Rooms

It is primarily used for method lectures. It is also used by the staff for lesson guidance and for holding meetings and discussions for the various club and cell activities.

Conference Room

The college has an air-conditioned conference room with a large table and adequate seating facility. It is used for meetings of various committees and to entertain special guests. It is also used for syllabus revision meetings.


Exercise facilities are made available to students and staff and the gymnasium currently has a treadmill and cycle.


St. Teresa’s Institute of Education has its resourceful and spacious library located on the ground floor of the institutional building. Library supports the teaching learning and research programs conducted in the institute with its rich and varied collection.

Teaching Aids Room

This is situated on the ground floor adjacent to the library. It is mainly used to store teaching aids. It is also used to store SUPW articles, articles prepared as a part of the B. Ed. Honours Course, Art and Craft material etc. The room also serves as a workshop for preparation of teaching aids. Students use these teaching aids to enhance their lessons.

Computer & Language Laboratory

It is spacious and well equipped with the latest computers and provided with internet facility. It is accessible to students for preparation of computer assisted learning programs, computer practicals and surfing of educational sites.

Computer & Language Laboratory

The Computer Laboratory is equipped with 51 computers, with LAN connection and a well established Language Laboratory. The English Language Laboratory at St. Teresa’s Institute of Education offers students a customised learning experience of spoken and written English. It is equipped with student centric software that is designed to improve language skills with the extensive use of the modern day infrastructure. The course content focuses on correct pronunciation, curriculum based modules in grammar and modules on Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Unlike other programmes , the well rounded module also offers training in soft skills and personality development. The software is well designed as an interactive platform that enables the course instructor to remotely control, monitor, broadcast and assist students. It is user friendly and introduces an element of fun and creativity. The Language Learning Laboratory is outfitted with 26 workstations in a state-of-the art digital lab.

Prayer Room

The prayer room is situated on the second floor besides the computer room. It is used by the staff and students to de-stress whenever they find a free time slot in the course of their busy schedule and helps them make reflective practices an integral part of the college work-space.

Psychology Laboratory

Psychology Laboratory is well equipped with batteries of psychological test and related facilities. It also serves as a lecture room. These rooms also serve as display rooms at the Annual college exhibition.

Students’ Common Room

It is used by the students to have their lunch and accommodates the gymnasium and the sickbay. It is also used for indoor games and other competitions as well as for putting up stalls for APY.

Staff Room

There are wall cabinets for individual staff use. Each staff member has a cabinet and workspace. There is a journal rack which displays various journals and periodicals. There is also a felt board on which necessary documents, schedules etc. are displayed. In addition for the convenience of the staff, each staff member is also provided with a separate desktop computer. Staff meetings are always held in the staffroom. They are presided over by the principal. Staff members have their lunch in the staffroom.


Educational Technology Room is mainly used to store all educational technology equipments viz. OHP and transparencies, slide projector, tape recorder, V.C.R., film strip projector etc. (list is given in the appendix)


These are lined with notice boards which reflect the activities happening on the campus and in other related life spheres. The Vision, Mission and Goals of the College, and the Roll of Honour are also displayed along the corridors of the college. There is a collapsible table mounted on the wall to enable students conveniently take down jottings of important information displayed on the bulletin boards. Piped music is played in the corridors during the breaks and before college hours to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Science and Mathematics Club Room

It is used for method lectures, for lesson guidance and to conduct various club and cell meetings.

English and History Club Room

It is used for method lectures, for lesson guidance and to conduct various club and cell meetings.