Ph. D. Theses

Sr.No Name Title
1. Dr. Sr. Tanuja Waghmare Development of a Training Programme to Enhance Composition writing Skills of Students of Std. IX
2. Dr. Giselle D’souza Area of Stress in Students of Standard X in Relation to their Academic Self Concept, Self-Efficacy & Locus of Control
3. Dr. Joan Lopes Subject of Reflected Educational Values in Sane Guruji's Literature
4. Dr. Sheela Philip Relative Effectiveness of School Types by Board Affiliation in developing Psycho-Social Characteristics among students
5. Dr. Cindrella D’Mello Political Socialization of College Students: Role of Family, Mass Media and Education on the Basis of their Presage Variables
6. Dr. Cerena D’Cunha A Study of Self Evaluation of Teacher Performance of Student-Teachers in Relation to their Self Efficacy and Motivation
7. Dr. Reshma Rodrigues Academic Buoyancy of Secondary School Students in relation to their Academic Resilience and Student Engagement
8. Dr. Shakuntala Nighot Citation Analysis Of Ph.D. Theses in Education In Two State Universities Of Maharashtra