Ventel Activity 3: Bandhani Design

On Thursday, 3rd December,2020, St. Teresa's Institute of Education conducted its third VENTEL activity. The name of the activity was Bandhani Design also known as Tie and Dye design. The activity was conducted on an online platform by Premalie Correia, Rincy Lopes and Jewel Correia.

The activity focused on the traditional Bandhani Design, where it originated from, the process of making Bandhani design and how it is used today. This was explained and demonstrated using a PowerPoint presentation and videos. The videos showed the making of Bandhani Design whereas the presentation focused more on the origination and how the Bandhani design is used today to give a majestic look

Since the activity was conducted during the lockdown period, the students were given various options on how to use natural dyes like turmeric powder, beetroot juice, food colours, etc. that are available at home to make Bandhani design. In the videos different patterns of making design were shown. The patterns were made using coins, pebbles, stones, pulses, beads, etc. The presentation and videos were shared with the class for reference and to help them make their own designs

Overall, it was a very interesting and fun activity.