VENTEL Activity 16- Don’t Be Trashy! Recycle Today - Save Tomorrow

As a part of the VENTEL Action Plan, Activity 16 – ‘Don’t be Trashy! Recycle Today - Save Tomorrow’ was conducted on Thursday, 1 st April, 2021. This VENTEL session was conducted by Ms. Diana Alexander, Ms. Janice Gonsalves and Ms. Neha Yadav.

Global warming, climate change and pollution are some of the most pressing problems our world is facing today. Sustainable development is the need of the hour. Thus, the aim of this VENTEL Activity was to enlighten the students about sustainable business ideas based on recycling. As an example the students explained how old straws, ice cream sticks or scrap paper can be used to create organizers such as pen holders, boxes, containers and more.

In a systematic manner, the students instructed their peers about how they can make their own organizers from recycled material. Through the power point presentation the students displayed the materials required and the procedure to make a pen holder from straws/paper/ice cream sticks.

The students then showed the class a video which showed everyone the materials required and a detailed step by step guide about how to create the pen holder. The students ended their presentation with an appeal to be environmentally conscious and to think twice before discarding objects which can be reused and recycled to create something new and useful.