Ventel Activity 1: Sweet - Happiness Galore

Vocational Education Nai Talim Experiential Learning (VENTEL) activity introduced to teach students to become entrepreneurs was made known to us and an orientation to it was held on 10th November 2020. Dr. Prof Joan Lopes and Dr. Prof Reshma Rodrigues were in charge of the same and a list of activities to follow was listed down.

Well, challenges are opportunities! So, when asked which group would present first? We, Annabelle Dcruz, Priyanka Surve & Coralann Rebello took it up. The topic was, LAND OF SWEETS-HAPPINESS GALORE.

Since the festival of lights and sweets, Diwali, was to arrive soon, we chose to prepare besan (gram flour/chick pea) laddoos.

The work was divided among the three of us. Coralann Rebello prepared the sweets, Priyanka Surve prepared the ppt and Annabelle Dcruz edited the final video to be displayed on the 11th of November, 2020.

On the 11th of November, the video was displayed showing a step-by-step method of laddoo preparation. The girls then prepared laddoos by themselves and posted them on the Google Classroom.