Vental Activity: ‘Heavenly Milk Affair’

The title for Vental Activity demonstration was, ‘Heavenly Milk Affair.’ The activity was demonstrated for all the 48 students in the class of S.Y. B.Ed. The teachers in charge of the activities, Dr Joan Lopes and Dr Reshma Rodrigues were also present for the session to guide and instruct the students along the session.

The students presenting the activity started with an introduction and overview of the activity. The product to be made from Milk was Custard. Custard is a simple and delicious dessert loved by everyone.

The PowerPoint displayed the various ingredients and their measurements to be used while making the custard. Alternatively, there were also substitute ingredients that were displayed which could be used to alter and suit according to the needs of the individual.

The video depicted the recipe and a step-by-step guide on how to make the Custard. The video started by stating the ingredients to be used along with their measurements. The video then followed by showing the methods and the technique to cook all these ingredients in a systematic manner and how to prepare the Custard.

There was also a small discussion following the video on the Recipe and the various kinds of Custards that can be made such as Vanilla Custard, Fruit Custard and so on. Some doubts were also cleared on the ingredients that can be substituted and on the measurement of ingredients.