Trailblazers- Bridging the Gap

The trailblazers Bridging the Gap was conducted on 9th January, 2021 at 11 am on GlobalMeet by Trailblazers and was coordinated by Ma’am Cindrella D’mello It highlighted the positives of taking a Gap experience programme to be able to make a right choice for a career path. The program was hosted by Ranjan Biswas, Managing Director – Trailblazers. At the start of the session a small video was shown about trailblazers. After that Ranjan Biswas took over and hosted the program. The Panelist included Rae Nelson, Stefan Wathan, Mahesh Balakrishnan, Bob Clagett, Louis Dias, Anjali Razdan, Vinayak Sudhakar, Shreya Ghodawat, Purujith Gautam and Sharmin Segal. Each of them shared their experience and views on taking a gap year so that students can take a back step and change their perspective towards life.

Gap year is all about learning a new skill, exploring, experiencing a different culture, visiting new places, trying out local delicacies, conquering fears, boarding horizons.

The webinar focused on why gap year? As Students may not know about themselves, they need a break from academics, they can connect and gain ability skills and overcome challenges. The gap year teaches the students the resilience need to face the world. The webinar was attended by more than 1000 students. There was a questionnaire provided during the session as well. The webinar ended with the question answer session.