Stress Management Session

A session on Stress management was organized by the management of St. Teresa’s Institute of Education on 17th August 2021 for the students of F.Y.B.ED. The coordinator for this session was Ma’am Dr. Joan Lopes and the speaker for this session was Mr. Vijay Shankar Dave.

Sir began the session by talking about the causes of stress. Some of the causes that he mentioned were increased workloads, loosing self-confidence and when capabilities do not match the requirements. There can be some personal reasons also like death in family, sickness or separation. As future teachers, causes of stress can be noisiness, inattention during class and lack of efforts in class. Sir also performed some breathing exercises to calm our stress down.

After this he mentioned the symptoms of stress like making one to breathe faster, louder heart beats, heavy sweating, cold hands, dryness in mouth or gives you butterfly followed by the effects of stress both short term and long term such as lack of sleep, nail biting, constantly tired, fiddling or talking too much. Along with this it can also have mental effect like worrying and feeling anxious, feeling out of control, unable to decide, mood changes and getting terrified.

Sir spoke about how every situation can be handled and managed effectively with proper measures and so also stress can be managed. One must try to identify the cause of stress and then engage themselves in practicing yoga or exercises. Along with this, one must complete appropriate hours of sleep indulge in their hobbies, have healthy and well-balanced diet. Hence in this fast-moving world managing stress is very important and one must pay a keen attention to it.