Reading habits in the world of tiktok distractions

"If I'm not reading, I'm not changing, If I'm not changing, I'm not growing."

The quote stated by Mr. Amrut Deshmukh , clearly states the importance and growing need of reading books.

Amrut Deshmukh a chartered accountant, social entrepreneur and a TEDx speaker. Now with Booklet, he is determined to achieve the mission 'Make India Read' and revolutionise reading in India. He also known for reviving the reading habit through book summaries. Every week he reads a bestselling book and prepares a twenty minute book summary of it. He also records the summaries in his own voice and shares through Booklet, a free app, developed by him.

The session touched on several issues right from getting started to read or select particular book, by having a random pick way, implementing the reading habits everyday, and lots of more sharing was done. Queries and doubts of how to inculcate reading habits was been catered. The book, " The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Readers" , author itself Amrut Deshmukh is building a way in continuing on the mission to cultivate the habit of reading amongst the youth of India. This session surely has build up a positive attitude and many more will now tune in to reading and growing in a best possible way.

This booklet guy is a spirit that believes books can make us think differently. Reading habit can help us grow rich in health, wealth, love and happiness by making us empathetic humans. Thanks to Dr. Shakuntala Nighot (Librarian-STIE) for arranging this webinar for us which was conducted in collaboration with Gandhi Shikshan Bhavan’s Surajba College of Education. In all 100 teacher trainees from both the colleges participated in the webinar.