Preparing for MH-TET 2021: 5-day State -Level Workshop

St. Teresa’s Institute of Education organised a 5-day state-level online workshop on “Preparing for MH-TET 2021” from 10th to 14th September 2021. Dr. Cindrella D’Mello, Associate Professor of STIE was the co-ordinator of this workshop.

On day 01 the workshop began with a short prayer by Dr. Cindrella D’Mello. Principal Dr. Sr. Tanuja welcomed the participants. Dr. Cindrella D’Mello through her presentation threw light on the structure of MH-TET. She gave insights into Paper I and Paper II subjects of MH-TET. Aspects like Eligibility, validity, frequency, marking scheme, format of questions, scoring and passing marks for MH-TET were also discussed by Dr. Cindrella D’Mello. Mr. Prakash Almeida then started with his session on Child Development and Pedagogy. He taught important content of this subject. He focussed on Leaning disabilities, Educational Psychology, Theories of learning and Assessment for Learning. He discussed questions from past TET papers and demonstrated the ways and tricks to solve the same. Sir Almeida also cleared the doubts raised by the participants. He also answered all the questions asked by the participants. This session was an interactive and informative session.

The day 2 of the workshop had a session on English Language by Dr. Geeta Shetty, Associate Professor at St. Xavier’s Institute of Education. Dr. Geeta Shetty began an interactive session by asking participants to answer question which were selected by ma’am from previous years TET examination. The questions covered a range of topics such as articles, antonyms, synonyms and phrases. Ma’am encouraged that the one area that all participants needed to work was to develop their vocabulary. Dr. Geeta Shetty covered several topics in Grammar. She explained in depth on various topics such as Nouns, Verb, Adjective and Adverb along with its types. Each topic was covered with significant explanation and sufficient examples for each type for the participants to comprehend. At the end of the session ma’am answered queries that the participants put forth and also said that language is being updated from time to time and thus one must be updated as well with the latest trend. She suggested that while studying anything new material one must have a minimum of three refences. The session on Mathematics was on the 3rd day of the Workshop. The guest speaker for this Math session was Ma’am Amita Almeida. Ma’am Amita is a well-known teacher for Math and English and holds multiple masters, diplomas and certificates in various disciplines. The aim of this session was to prepare the students for the MH-TET exam, to give them a gist of the contents and the overall pattern of the exam. Ma’am Amita started the session by giving an overview of the MH-TET exam. She then explained the overall format of Math paper. In this she also elucidated about paper I and paper II. Ma’am then continued with the main part of the session i.e. solving a TET question paper. Ma’am went through every sum in detail and solved them. Ma’am also gave different types of problems based on area, circumference, perimeter, problems based on date and time and many other types of sums. She also gave some important tips to remember while solving some tricky problems. Ma’am solved the doubts of the participants at the end of the session.

The 4th day of the extensive workshop witnessed a comprehensive lecture by Senior Faculty Member of St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Dr. Elvina Pereira. Social Science is the science of understanding people’s needs and their unique relationship with art, literature, history, music, work, philosophy, geography, politics and much more; which Dr. Elvina stressed upon a lot. She made it a point to give a very detailed, yet crisp information on each and every chapter in the Social Sciences Textbooks of Secondary and Higher Secondary. She also made it a point to solve a couple of past papers to help the aspirants understand the question types, formats and in totality help them gain confidence that they can pass the subject with flying colours. More importantly Ma’am beautifully explained how to analyse the meaning of questions so as to arrive at the correct answer. Even with limited time in hand, she managed to cover the agenda successfully.

The day 05 of the workshop had two sessions. The morning session was for Science and EVS. Dr Rajpurkar started this informative session by giving the gist of the topics of the science paper i.e. Paper I (EVS) and Paper II (Science). Under Paper II he covered Physics, Chemistry and Biology. He also covered the topics to be studied for both the papers. It was followed by papers solving session under Sir’s guidance. This made us all realize that we have to study a lot to master the content. In this session sir guided us so well. He recommended some books that we could read for Science. The session became very interactive because of the active participation of the participants.

On the day 05 of the workshop there was an additional session on Marathi Language conducted by Dr. Joan Lopes, assistant professor of St. Teresa’s Institute of Education, Santacruz (W). It was held from 3.00 pm to 4:30 pm. Dr. Joan Lopes began the session with a few lines of a poem by Saint Dnyaneshwar, which denotes the richness of Marathi language. She explained the meaning also. She introduced basic grammatical concepts in Marathi such as vakya(sentences with types), Shabda(words) etc to the participants. After that she moved to more complex concepts which included Samaas, Vigraha, Sandhi, Prayog, Vibhakti, Alankar etc. Ma’am preferred to speak in Marathi as it was essential to understand Marathi to get knowledge of these concepts. She explained various ways to identify the difference between different grammatical concepts and also the importance of these concepts in learning the language. After this, she explained the paper pattern and structure of questions of Marathi subject to the participants. Then, she showed them some sample questions, explained the meaning of those questions and asked the participants to answer the questions. Further, Dr. Joan and Dr. Cindrella cleared all the queries of the participants regarding the paper and gave them suggestions helpful for their learning.

In the end, participants gave their feedback for the entire workshop and expressed their gratitude towards the institute for organizing such an informative and interactive workshop. Overall, this workshop helped the participants to get insights into different aspects of MH-TET. It was a very useful workshop w.r.t preparing for TET. The participants got an opportunity to interact with the knowledgeable resource persons. Participants were grateful to Sr. Teresa’s Institute of Education for organising such a workshop.