Management Day Celebration

To do great things is difficult; but to command great things is more difficult." - Friedrich Nietzsche. This quote by Nietzsche rings true when I think about the Management of the Teresian Institutions. The sisters, who form the Management of all the four Teresian Institutions - St. Teresa’s Convent High School , St. Teresa’s Convent Special School, St. Teresa’s Junior College of Education (D.T. Ed. College) and St. Teresa’s Institute of Education (B.Ed. College), have shouldered the responsibilities of nurturing every soul that walks in the gates of their campus, with immense love and care, be it their staff, non -teaching staff or their very own students. Everyone under the care of the sisters is honoured, respected and there by encouraged to become a better person who dreams and goes on to create the best world. The task they have is a herculian one and it is essential to stop and take cognizance of all that they selflessly do for the Institutions and the glory that their hard work and contribution has brought to the Institutions. For this purpose, on 29th of August (Thursday) we celebrated ‘Management Day’. The staff and students associated to St. Teresa’s Special School, St. Teresa’s High School, St. Teresa’s Junior College of Education (D.T. Ed. College) and St. Teresa’s Institute of Education (B.Ed. College), collaborated in putting up the entire program to express their love and gratitude. The host for the event who played the role of a “Genie” kept the audience enthralled with her charm, humour and not forgetting the playful claps. The sisters were felicitated and welcomed. The program started with a prayer service. The stage background was decorated with vibrant colours and blooming flowers. The staff and the students further pepped up the program with vivid theme dances and musicals. The staff of all the Institutes, however, stole the show with their energetic and awe-striking dance performances. But as it is rightly said about good leaders “Good leaders do not take on all the work themselves, neither do they take all the credit” The sisters, as humble as they are, expressed their gratitude for our expression of appreciation and sang for their staff and students. The presence of God could be felt in the feeling of mutual thanksgiving and gratefulness. The sisters also treated the hungry roaring bellies of the staff and students. Overall it was a day filled with a lot of gratitude and reverence to a team of determined and hardworking SISTERS of the TERESIAN FAMILY, belonging to the CONGREGATION OF THE CARMELITE RELIGIOUS (CCR) who are constantly striving for the EXCELLENCE of the inmates of their institutions behind the scenes. ---Danya Dalvi, Natasha D'Souza S.Y.B.Ed/ 2019