International Peace Day 2020

Shaping peace together was the theme for the peace day program that happened on 26th September 2020. The program was held on Google meet at 10 a.m.

Program was initiated by Ms. Neha Gharat who introduced the theme of Peace Day wonderfully. Not only that she also shed some light on the theme of peace day that is shaping peace together.

As we continued, the atmosphere was made peaceful by a serene hymn and prayer by Ms. Ashwini Nair. Verses from Holy Quran, Bhagvad Gita and the Holy Bible were read out by Ms.Humera, Ms. Melita and Ms. Rekha. It was followed by prayer of the faithful by Ms. Janet.

After that, Ms. Shital Gavand spoke on the importance of peace, what we found intriguing was the information about how peace day was celebrated around the world.

It was followed by a revelatory presentation on the Origin of the peace symbol by Ms. Rebecca Dias.

Furthermore, we had an amazing poem reading by Ms. Alisha, Ms. Neha Gharat, and Ms. Neha Yadav.

Ms. Sayma Kazi and Mrs. Jonita had given a 2wonderful presentation on two personalities who promoted peace i.e. Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa.

The program was almost at an end when Ms. Neha Gharat had spoken on the importance of peace education. She opened our eyes to inculcating peace education in our respective pedagogy.

In the end, the results of the poster making competition were announced. The winners were; in the first place was Swinal Dabre and Larisa Dabre stood second and third place was grabbed by Angel Raj and on the fourth place stood Annabelle D'cruz.

In the end, Dr. Sr. Tanuja Waghmare had addressed us on this occasion and shed light on the event of peace day.

Our program ended with a thank you note from Ms. Neha.

The program was well conducted and reflected incredible information on Peace Day. The program was well conducted and was carried out smoothly. It is obvious that it was surely inspirational for students.

A special appreciation for Dr. Joan Lopes for organising such a wonderful program.