Hindi Diwas

The Constituent Assembly of India had espoused Hindi as India’s official language on 14th September,1949. To show its significance and to celebrate its mark of acknowledgment, we commemorate Hindi Diwas on 14 September every year. Hindi is one of the two official languages of the Union Government which is written in Devanagri script.

STIE Library and NDLI Club has celebrated Hindi Divas on 19 th august 2020, by organising following activities in virtual mode on Google meet during 2pm-4pm. 48 Students of SYBEd Batch participated in both the activities.

1. राष्ट्रभाषा और उसका ज्ञान जरुरी है !" विचारमंथन गतिविधि 
Through this brainstorming activity students put forth their views on Importance of National Language and why the citizens should have knowledge of their national language?

2. NDLI Resources in HINDI: Information Retrieval Competition
Students attempted this Google Quiz with real time information search and retrieval on National Digital Library Portal. Questions were based on the NDLI Information Resources in Hindi language.

Objective behind these activities was to create awareness about OER like NDLI, to encourage them to access the NDLI resources.

As a result of comprehensive NDLI orientation conducted, 9 students scored 100% marks in the quiz. Students were amazed to explore the various rich resources of NDLI like Textbooks, Novels, Children Literature, Plays, Music and many more in various formats such as Text, Audios and Videos.

Individual Certificates with the score were distributed to students for participating in both the activities.