Talent Search Report

The session for educational management organized by Dr. Joan Lopes conducted by Mrs. Nutan on 17th July 2021. The meeting was held on google meet. Dr. Joan Lopes welcomed the resource person of the session Mrs. Nutan.

Mrs. Nutan began the session by giving us the gist of the following:

Attendance, Staff meetings (what’s app avenues to send immediately messages to the students) Timetable (not Monday/ Tue) it should be Day1(Monday), Day2 (Tuesday) Thursday (Day1) Wed (Day 2) mentioning that this pattern is more efficient and convenient for the teaching staff as well as the students.

School Timetable

8:15 to 8:30 Assembly
8:30-9:30 English
9:30 to 10 Hindi
10 to 10-15 Break

Ma’am shared that she logs in at 8:00a.m for the assembly and plays an encouraging video or a prayer video also calls it the golden time where students enthusiastically get engaged.

Then ma’am carried out the session by letting us know the Teaching methods, where she mentioned that Google has met our requirements, to teach an online class. And then ma’am explained us the importance of Chrome - the most effective browser for every teacher and introduced to other apps that we were not advanced with viz Web store- online shop where we can download many other similar apps and for every teacher this is a must. Without this app there is no effective teaching.

The climax of the session was interesting and effective topics like Google extension (chrome web store app) Ma’am expressed that these apps are very essential in teaching, in order to keep the students' attention in the class. (Custom cursor) interesting for all subjects. Dualess (split-screen) is another very interesting app to share the screen and see the students in an online class at the same time. Many options in it are available to- 4 split screen to 3 split screens etc. Which comes handy during examination. Small PDF’s- PDF file can be turned into power point presentation, word, etc all can be done due to this extension. (Ma’am showed us how to use this extension). Then we were introduced to screencast o' Matic - important for staff meetings, to share screen & record easily. The app Teleloto- good for speeches and presentation reading. OBS software - essential to you tube live stream, share your full screen and see yourself too. Digital books- state board books app from 1st std to 10th std English classroom- black board for grammar, books, etc History Diksha app- videos for all the lesson They have PPT, notes, etc. Homework in Google classroom

Ma’am then continued with a value-based session where she boosted the students regarding managing the family during the online class, during the break to manage teenagers, be firm with them, keep a check on them, discipline them when needed. Make sure each student is well presented with uniforms and on time. Invest well in your class. Do your best, learn as you teach. Enthusiasm is a must, and should never fade away. Keep yourself motivated always. Be gentle, firm and love your students.

In conclusion the session was very informative and comprehensive. This session was an opportunity for us to enhance our skills in our career field. We received the best from mam Nutan. The session concluded a with inspirational video.

Let's change the world,
Be open to new opportunities,
Learn from one another,
Each person is a book, read them,
Take good habits from each person and grow,
Be disciplined, love your students and pray.