Educational Research & Paper Reading

No research is ever quite complete. It is the glory of a good bit of work that it opens the way for something still better, and this repeatedly leads to its own eclipse – Mervin Gordon

Title: Educational Research & Paper Reading

Date: 30th May, 2021

Venue: Google Meet Session

An exclusive webinar was conducted by St. Teresa’s Institute of Education for their First-Year Student-Teachers and faculty members on Educational Research & Paper Reading on ‘Relationship between Teacher Effectiveness and Quality of Work Life’. This informative session was organized by the collaborative efforts of two of STIE’s finest Associate Professors – Dr. Giselle D’Souza & Dr. Cinderella D’Mello.

Resource Person:

Dr. Indu Garg, Former Head of Department of Education-Mumbai University

Dr. Minal Thakur, currently a teacher in SDD English School.

An icon in the field of Education, Dr. Garg initiated the session by explaining the etymology and the characteristics of ‘Educational Research’ through the medium of a PowerPoint presentation. With a dash of her infectious energy, she put emphasis on how to break away from the traditional ways of research and become the new age researchers that we are supposed to be! She put her points and ideas forward by giving the students varied examples from Pure Research to Action Research, which is also a major part of their syllabus. The process of carrying out an Action Research was shown in a very systematic and chronological manner. Dr. Indu Garg left a huge impact on the minds of the students as well as the teachers. Moving further, we were joined by Dr. Minal Thakur, a very resourceful speaker who recently achieved her Ph.D under the able guidance of Dr. Indu Garg. Her research was undertaken with the purpose to know Effectiveness of Teachers falling in the age group of 23-30 years and whether Teacher Effectiveness is related to the quality of work life. Dr. Thakur very well put forward the same to the students. Also, explaining that Teacher Effectiveness and Quality of life is studied under various components such as classroom management, teacher's characteristics, knowledge of subject , Social Integration, Social Relevance of Work etc. Through her well presented PowerPoint Presentation, it was understood that she carried a research on 393 teachers with a technique of 'Persons Product Moment Coefficient of Correlation'. As per the research, it was concluded that Teacher Effectiveness and Quality of Work Life are related to each other and Effectiveness and Quality of Teachers need to be enhanced for their successful retainment in a demanding profession.

Overall, this session was a stepping stone for the First-Year Student-Teachers towards their own Action Research work. It was indeed a very helpful, fruitful and informative session. Yet another feather added to STIE's hat!