Content Enrichment Activity

The content enrichment activity was held from 15 th to 27 th March, 2021 for the students of F.Y.B.Ed of STIE. A total of fifty students were a part of this activity. All the students had different activities based on their first method. It was held online through the assignments on google classroom. Different teachers took the activities based on their respective teaching method.

The content enrichment activity aimed at sharpening the knowledge of the students with respect to their methods. Daily assignments were given as a part of this activity to cover the topics coming under the student’s particular method. The student had to study the given topic and complete the given assignment within the stipulated time. This activity gave the students a chance to explore their subject method. This activity helped the students to recall the previously gained knowledge and also to update their knowledge on their subject. The content enrichment activity was truly enriching and helpful to begin the B.Ed course with.