Constitution Day

“Constitution is not a mere lawyers document, it is a vehicle of life and its spirit is always the spirit of the age”.

With these words of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, we at St Teresa’s Institute of Education celebrated ‘Constitution Day’ on 2nd December 2020 to commemorate the efforts of our founding fathers in creating this marvelous piece of literature which to date holds together a society widely known for its diversity. The event was organized by the History Club under the guidance of Dr. Reshma Rodrigues. The program started at 9:00 am with great gusto with our two hosts Ms. Angel and Ms. Lynn taking us through the event. In STIE, we firmly believe that God is the source of all enlightenment and success and so Ms. Danica , led the entire forum in prayer.

The true meaning of this day can only be well understood if we know it's importance and the History Club did a fabulous job in taking us down the memory lane to help us again a better understanding of the significance of this day.

Following the assembly, there was an introduction to Constitution Day and its significance in the history of our country, a video was also displayed which depicted the unknown facts and interesting trivia about the Constitution. Indeed, the making of our rich,detailed and humongous Constitution is a miracle work in progress. If we sit to reflect it would have been next to impossible to design one in the present times. Thus, reflecting back to this magnificent document unparalleled in its scope ,light was thrown upon the making of the Constitution and the various stages of the Constitution drafting and how the Constitution evolved through various stages. There were also many vital features of the Constitution explained and how each of them molded the Constitution. There was also an activity on the ‘Fastest Finger First’ to revise the facts and trivia of the Constitution which helped the students to participate.By the end of the programme, the entire forum was surely enlightened as conscious citizens of this nation about the significance of our Constitution in our country .The program ended with the playing of the National Anthem and College Anthem.

A big Thank you to our principal and the faculty for their support and encouragement and to our audience for all their enthusiasm and participation.

Last but not the least, a special shout out to the History Club and Dr.Reshma Rodrigues for meticulously organising this event and ensuring that each one of us left the forum as proud citizens of a country which has the richest and most detailed Constitution in the world .