Calligraphy Session

The Calligraphy session for our FY.BEd batch was organized by Dr. Joan Lopes. The resource person conducting the session was a STIE alumni, ma’am Derina Pambujya. She currently works as teacher in Oberoi International School in Goregaon, she got this opportunity as part of STIE placements. The first Calligraphy session was held on 10th April 2021 online via Google meet. Dr. Joan Lopes gave a short introduction about the Calligraphy session and about Derina Pambujya ma’am after which our student Romany D’mello gave a welcome speech for Derina Pambujya ma’am. There were a total of 52 participants present for the program. The main objective of the session was to help the students of BEd improve their handwriting and learn basic Calligraphy. It was a very helpful session to improve our presentation skills as teachers as writing is a very important part of being a teacher.

The session started with Derina Pambujya ma’am showing us a presentation on the importance of good handwriting for students as well as teachers. Later we were taught cursive alphabets because it’s very easy to learn Calligraphy if we know cursive. We had four Calligraphy sessions for four Saturdays starting on the 10th April then on the 17th, 24th and the last session on 1st May. We were taught A to Z in Calligraphy throughout the four sessions. After which we were given assignments every week, this is a very good way of remembering what we had learnt. We were given our last assignment as a test on a paragraph to be written in Calligraphy after which we’ll be certified. At the end of the session our student Upassana Sanghvi gave a vote of thanks on behalf of STIE.

The session have been very helpful and will surely be of great value for our future as teachers. Derina Pambujya ma’am has been such a wonderful soul in giving her time and efforts and sparing her precious time for us very week. We’ve learnt a lot and will be able to incorporate what we’ve learnt in our teachings as well.