ENT Job Hazards

Dr Chris de Souza on Teachers' ENT Job Hazards

Teaching is a Science as well as an Art. However, it has not been spared of the occupational hazards that vocational guilds have to embrace and overcome.

Incessant speaking, having to raise one's voice above those of the enthusiastic learners, being in environs wherein sound levels are alarmingly high and being exposed to chalk-dust that contributes to poor air quality, are everyday factors in the life of a teacher.

These predisposing factors put a teacher at health-risk. It is only prudent that we care for ourselves while we strive towards excellence at work!

It is for this reason that St Teresa's Institute of Education has convened an evening wherein we sensitize ourselves to exercise caution wherever possible. So that we stay healthy, by paying heed to the adage- Prevention is better than Cure!

For this we have none other than, the much sought-after, Dr Chris De Souza, Consultant, Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon. He is a brilliant academician, a therapeutic doctor and an empathetic human.

His accolades include Gold Medals at all levels of his Medical Education.

His academic excellence has been acknowledged through several awards and fellowships conferred on him.

His Research and Writing prowess has been etched in the annals of medical literature in the form of several books and papers authored by him.

So let us brace ourselves to make the best of this time together!